Our aim is to reduce your worries about maintaining your HVAC equipment, maintenance, and energy costs while increasing your level of comfort.

We are not only experts in commercial HVAC service, but our full-service approach ensures reliability and efficiency of your equipment and provides support for comprehensive utility management to reduce your energy costs.  You will always receive the best quality service at the most reasonable cost.

Energy Savings

Cii Service was one of the first HVAC companies to create an energy conservation division. In 1975, our founder, Jim Thacker, concerned about rising energy costs, began exploring ways to identify energy problems, develop solutions, and implement modifications to reduce energy consumption. Our philosophy has always been, keep it simple, make it energy efficient, do not sacrifice comfort, and by all means, provide value equal or greater than the customer’s investment.

Customized Plans

We tailor every program to meet your unique needs, whether you require long-term maintenance or a short-term, immediate response.

Customer Training

As part of our commitment to cost-savings, Cii also provides in-house training for your technicians. We can oversee repairs while providing your personnel on-the-job training on your company’s equipment. Not only do you benefit from less costly repairs, but you also learn from experienced Cii technicians while working with us side-by-side.

Competitive Pricing

We offer unbiased recommendations and the most competitive pricing as an independent mechanical service contractor. We do not have exclusive relationships with any equipment vendors. You will receive the best equipment for you at the most competitive pricing.

Quality Service from Specialists

We identify the ideal service personnel for you . . . from our apprentices, who are always backed by a senior mechanic, to our most experienced technicians. All of our technicians and apprentices receive continuous training on the newest equipment and latest technology. You can be assured that your work will be performed correctly the first time.

Complete History

We are completely transparent with our customers. We provide logbooks that include detailed records of all services provided. Copies of Service Reports, Equipment Logs, and Repair data are always kept at your location for your review.


With our corporate office located in Richmond, Virginia, Cii Services has a
widespread presence in Virginia and North Carolina. Discover a Cii branch near you.