Beth Sholom Critical Chiller Replacement

Cii was called upon to replace an existing 160 ton water chiller that provided the only cooling to more than 116 residencies at Beth Sholom’s Life Care Community.  The critical requirement was that it had to be done without interruption of the comfort of the residents.

Cii began immediately to plan to meet the customer’s requirements. We pulled together our team to coordinate the project with subcontractors, rigging, electrical, welding, piping, etc.  Cii checked the delivery schedule of all of the equipment carefully with the manufacturer and the freight company to make certain everything would arrive on time.

Cii informed all subcontractors of the date the project would commence and the guaranteed completion date and time. All preparation work that could be accomplished prior to the delivery of the equipment was coordinated by Cii and completed prior to the delivery of the equipment.

The equipment was delivered on the scheduled date and Cii began the installation.  All of the trades were on hand to begin preparation and installation of the new equipment.  The installation was completed and Cii had started the new chiller and was checking its operation the next morning. After all equipment performance had been verified, Cii began the changeover process.  The existing chiller was shut down, new valves, pumps and starters were energized and the new chiller was on line providing chilled water to the residents of Beth Sholom’s Life Care Community.


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