The Cii Service leadership team is comprised of proven leaders, distinguished both by their experience and their values.

  • Lisa Thacker Lamberson, AFSB


    After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1992 with a B.S. in Commerce from the McIntire School of Commerce, Lisa worked as a Surety Construction Bond Underwriter for the USF&G / St. Paul (now Travelers Companies) in Florida until she returned to Richmond, VA in 2002 to assume a director position in the family business.

  • Sharon Thacker Whiting, MBA

    VP of Finance

    Sharon obtained her accounting degree from Virginia Tech and a Master of Business Administration from the Darden School in 1991. Over the years, Sharon has worked for major accounting firms and in Corporate Treasury for Fortune 500 firms across the country. She returned to Richmond, VA in 2004 to assume a director position in the family business after serving as a consultant for the business for many years.

  • Daniel Culver

    VP of Operations

    Daniel joined Cii Service in 2008. He has over 25 years of commercial HVAC and electrical trades service experience. Daniel completed Local #26 IBEW electrical apprenticeships at Northern Virginia Community College.

  • Ed West

    VP of Operations

    Ed joined Cii Service in 1986. He has over 30 years of commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC experience. He has an Associate Degree in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning from Old Dominion University. He holds North Carolina licenses in Heating Contracting H-2, Heating Contracting H-1, Heating Contracting H-3 Class I, Electrical Contracting SP-PH and Refrigeration Contracting.

  • Rick McClanahan

    VP of Operations

    Rick joined Cii Service in 1984. He has over 30 years of commercial, industrial and institutional HVAC experience. Rick has an Associate Degree in Air Conditioning & Refrigeration from Danville Community College, VA.

  • Mark Woodcock

    VP of Operations

    Mark joined Cii Service in 1974. He has over 45 years of commercial experience in heating, cooling and temperature control service and installation. Mark completed refrigeration and electrical land oil burner classes at Richmond Technical Center. He was also an instructor in HVAC for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning at the Richmond Technical Center. Mark attended Carrier Factory Centrifugal Disassembly & Reassembly School, Trane CenTraVac Electronic Controls School, Andover Controls Configuration School, and Carrier CCN Application & Programming School.  He is also certified as a Commercial Energy Efficiency Auditor.  Mark holds a State of Virginia Master HVAC and Gas Fitters card.


With our corporate office located in Richmond, Virginia, Cii Services has a
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