About Us

Cii Service is an established company with over 50 years of commercial service. We focus on commercial, industrial, and institutional accounts only. Our customers range from hospitals that require critical precision and response time, to amusement parks, banks, universities, and manufacturing facilities to single offices.

Cii Service provides a blend of advanced engineering and technology with hands-on mechanical experience. Our preventive maintenance programs are crafted to prevent expensive repairs and address problems quickly through proper diagnostic testing, including vibration analysis and eddy current tube testing. And, we are experts in solving HVAC problems.

We offer a full-service approach. From lighting to equipment efficiency, water, and electrical usage, and indoor air quality, we partner with a utility management company that will provide a free analysis of your usage to identify the best rates possible. This analysis is an integral element of every service contract and is a free benefit to you. We have empowered our customers to save thousands of dollars each year by saving energy. We may be able to create a positive net cash flow for you.


We began in 1964 in Richmond, Virginia as Thacker Trane Service Agency, selling and servicing commercial, industrial, and institutional air conditioning equipment for the TRANE Company. We quickly earned a reputation for quality service and excellent response times. In 1975, we decided to change our relationship with the TRANE Company to a Parts Outlet and focus on independent service. We updated the name of the company to Cii Service to reflect our dedication to Commercial, Industrial, & Institutional business.  In 1976, Cii expanded to include an engineering department, titled Cii Engineered Systems. The department concentrates on energy retrofit of existing buildings and provides engineering, design changes, implementation, monitoring, and service.

Over the years, employees of Cii Engineered Systems have won a total of 15 Energy Awards (both regional and national) from the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). These awards are given in competition for projects that reduce energy consumption and provide cost savings. Over the last five decades, our service and engineering capabilities have continued to expand. We now have approximately 50 employees in service locations in Virginia and North Carolina. All Service Branches offer a full range of HVAC services and are supported by administrative and technical personnel from the Corporate Office in Richmond.


With our corporate office located in Richmond, Virginia, Cii Services has a
widespread presence in Virginia and North Carolina. Discover a Cii branch near you.