Filet of Soul Equipment Replacement and Controls Project

Filet of Soul occupied a vacant retail space in a mall in Greensboro, North Carolina.  They do not provide seating but required a kitchen area to prepare food.  Filet of Soul employed a contractor to install a hood over the cooking area.  The contractor also installed a make-up air fan through the roof to provide 100% outside air for the exhaust hood.  The customer called Cii and asked was there anything we could do to help them as the temperature in the kitchen would sometimes exceed 115° in the summer.

Cii evaluated the HVAC system in the store and found the store originally required only 5 tons of cooling.  Cii determined that with the changes made in the store and adding a kitchen, the original system was inadequate. Cii installed an additional 4 ton multi-stage with 100% outside air capabilities in place of the installed make-up air fan.  Cii installed the necessary controls to stage the cooling when the hood was in operation, to temper the make-up air based on outside air temperature and space temperature in the kitchen. The kitchen is now maintained at a temperature in which their employee are comfortable.


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