Cii Service installs power monitors and a sophisticated control system to help one of their environmentally conscious large corporate clients

Cii Service of North Carolina, Inc. received a call from one of their corporate customers.  The facility had multiple buildings built in different phases.  They planned to budget for the replacement of all of their HVAC equipment also in phases.  Their problem was the original control system was obsolete and they could no longer get support.

They knew they wanted the new control system to control their HVAC, but also much more.  They wanted the new control system to be easy to use and flexible enough to allow them to change the operating parameters of all of their energy using equipment.  They also wanted a system capable of monitoring energy use for HVAC and lighting, able to enunciate alarms, and also able to breakdown their water usage by department.  In addition, they wanted support to be available from multiple vendors and manufacturers.  Their control system requirements were a tall order.

Cii began work on a proposal to meet each of the customer’s requests. After several meetings with the facility managers to review our proposal, the customer had only one additional request. They wanted an accumulator of the total energy and water consumption for the entire facility.  Cii was able to meet all of their requirements.

Cii added power monitors and operating controls to each air-condition unit and lighting panel.   Graphic panels were created for each piece of HVAC equipment to provide easy access to change set points, monitor operating conditions and energy usage. We connected to four water meters to allow the customer to  monitor and display the different areas of water usage.  We created a graphic page with speedometer style gauges showing current energy and water usage with high and lows that they could display on a large monitor for all to see.  Cii and the customer receive an alarm whenever a piece of controlled equipment is outside of its operating parameters.

The customer has now really made their facilities greener by better monitoring and control of their energy and water usage.


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