VFD’s can save you money, reduce energy costs….

Reduce Your Energy Dollars with Variable Frequency Drives (“VFD’s”)

VFD’s can save you money, reduce energy costs, lower the maintenance costs on belts, motors, fans on all associated HVAC systems. HVAC systems are designed to provide sufficient mechanical cooling and heating, air and water flow capacity, to maintain comfort levels based on the maximum and minimum temperature expected for the local area.  Normally, that capacity is required less than 40% of the running time of the equipment.

VFD’s can save you money by matching the capacity required (by reducing the speed and therefore the horse power required) to actual heating and cooling system requirements during those periods of low load requirements.

Manufacturers state that the payback period for VFD’s is typically under three years, but can be less than one year.  Please contact Cii Service today to improve the energy efficiency of your facility through the use of VFD’s and other building automation and energy management strategies.


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