Quick tips to help you save money…..

Energy Conservation Tips

Energy Conservation Tips

“A penny saved is a penny earned.”
—Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin is indeed right, but if a business makes $1 profit for each $10 sold, saving a penny would be equal to earning a dime. Saving a penny per minute on your energy costs would save over $5,000 a year, which is like increasing sales by $50,000.

Which of these is easier for you to do? What can you do to save a penny or more every minute?

  • Raise the cooling set point and lower the heating set point. One-half of a degree will hardly be noticeable but can save some serious pennies.
  • Tighten the schedule. HVAC systems running when no one is in the building is like burning money.
  • Have all heating & cooling equipment maintained to ensure the highest possible energy efficiency.
  • Reduce artificial lighting. Turn it off when you don”t need it. All lighting produces heat, so turning off lighting will also reduce air conditioning load. Double bang for your buck.


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